January 2015 Kicks in the New Remodeling Season!

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January 2, 2015 is right around the corner.  We have had an unusual number of requests for quotes for remodeling for "next" year.  Well "next year" is just around the corner.  January 2, 2015 may be a landslide of interest for new projects.  We have had more than usual requests for room additions.  Also there is more interest in kitchen cabinet refinishing, a.k.a "updating" rather that full kitchen remodels.  We have a new refinish team on board to handle the load.  Kitchen colors interest is either Newport all-white or darker coffee tones.  There is new interest in the ultra-modern look with slab doors finished in laminate or aluminum framed glass doors.  Our newest sample ring has 408 colors and now there are textured colors to choose from.  For the budget kitchen remodel, our line of RTB cabs (ready to build) is doing well.  Our warehouse in Rancho Cucamonga has 11 mini kitchens on display.  So, if you are planning on pulling the trigger on a remodeling project in January, you may find your contractor suddenly swamped with all the new business that was put on hold October through December.  Happy New Year and Happy Remodeling!

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