Four Basic Tips to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

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A Kitchen remodel can be a life changing experience or a walk through hell itself. Doing a little preplanning can make all the difference: Here are four tips from the experts here at Kitchen & Bath Werks.

1. When designing your kitchen, first ask yourself this question, “ what do I hate about my kitchen?” Be honest with yourself and write down what comes to mind. You can also ask other family members the same question. This gives you an inventory of what the new kitchen will NOT have and a checklist of design priorities.

2. Second, ask yourself what you want your kitchen to do for you when finished. Make a list. When answering this question, think of different scenarios for kitchen use, such as: holidays, entertaining, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or having a few friends over for orderves before a movie. This exersize will give you another list of design elements.

3. Imagineer for awhile. Think as if there were no financial constraints. What could be done with your kitchen? Can walls be pushed out? Can the ceilings be raised? Can you fit a double oven? How about a wood fired pizza oven? A barrister bar for an espresso machine? Special lighting? A separate beverage cooler? Once you have exhausted all possible design elements, you can pare down the project to fit a specific budget. At the start, dream big. Consider all your possibilities at the start so you will have no regrets in the end.

4. Consider your budget. Consumer Reports published an article on kitchen remodeling. They calculated the average kitchen remodel in America costs $47,000.

Here at Kitchen & Bath Werks, we have seen remodels as low as $3,000 and as high as $85,000. Most people only remodel one kitchen in their lifetime. So you can budget along the lines of, “we are only going to do this once” or “set an amount and don’t let yourself go over. We see often people blow their budget on appliances. Then they have to go cheap on their kitchen cabinets and construction. Also, it’s good to know that whatever money you put into your home through kitchen remodels, you will get it back when you eventually sell your house. In the mean time, you get to use the kitchen you designed to your liking and when it was brand new. Some one else eventually pays for your kitchen remodel!

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